Thoughts on the latest episode of The Walking Dead (10.19.14)

  1. This season is starting off much better than I anticipated. I’m glad that they didn’t draw out the activities at Terminus. Great pacing.
  2. Happy to see so many actors from The Wire.
  3. Please don’t kill off Glenn or Bob.*
  4. Carol remains a badass.
  5. I forgot about Beth. So if you need to get rid of a character, there you go.
  6. However, what is the deal with these characters wandering off in the dark to go have their feelings? You’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Don’t be an idiot. There are dark corners everywhere inside the church. Go there.
  7. Along those lines: Lighting candles and clapping and making noise is not safe. Stop doing that. Zombies and cannibals live in the woods.
  8. Speaking of cannibals: Did our merry band of survivors not realize that they’d be hunted after blowing up the Human Meat Factory? Dubious. Rick is always aware. His character felt inconsistent here.

Minor nitpicks for an otherwise excellent start to the season.

*I know that I could learn this info by reading the comics, but I don’t wish to do that.