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Novel 1 revision is complete (for now). Novel 2 is cooling off in a drawer prior to revision. That leaves Novel 3, which I set aside last fall because I couldn’t get in the mood. To help me get in the mood this time, I’m using music. My latest Dead Darlings post is about that and also is an excuse to geek out on music vs. writing about revision (again).


I have loved two things more than anything else my whole life: Words and music.

These two loves created two career desires: I wanted to be a singer songwriter or a Solid Gold dancer. I also wanted to work on Fantasy Island, which I considered a real place back then, but the career path was elusive to my tiny brain.

For reasons I can’t remember, I quit ballet in kindergarten. I’m sure I had a good reason. Perhaps I believed that my time had come and gone.

That left singer-songwriter as the top career choice. Two problems there: I don’t have a great singing voice, and I don’t know how to play an instrument. That didn’t stop me. I still sang in choir, with as much passion as I could dredge from my diaphragm**. To up my songwriting game, my junior high friend, Angie, and I stayed up all night, splayed upon the carpet, writing reams of poetry in spiral bound notebooks. We watched videos on MTV and listened to KISR 93’s Friday Night Dedications to get us in the mood — and also in the futile hope that someone out there in radioland had scribbled our names on their hearts. No dice.

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