Revision, Reading, Hot Tots, Halloween, and Expensive Taste


  1. Novel 2: still in progress. Still feeling good about it. My deadline for second draft completion is 12/31/15. That’s not a ton of time, but I work best under pressure. Deadlines are my life.
  2. Non-novel work is still in progress. And I still feel good about it. Counting my blessings, for real.
  3. A Little Life: still reading, still loving. I admire the author’s ability to weave in and out of time like nobody’s business and never lose the thread. One thing I have to be careful of in my writing is not “where are we?” but “when are we?” I admire elegance in this arena.
  4. A friend is having a rough time. I’ve prescribed Cheryl Strayed’s Tiny Beautiful Things. One of the essays in particular helped me during a difficult time in my life.
  5. #hottots essay writing group meet-up (named after a giant tater tot we ordered during our first meet-up that burned our tongues) was lovely. I doubt I’ll submit any of the essays I’m writing during our meet-ups. I enjoy writing and reading with this very small audience. It’s nice to write something that has no goal attached to it. The writing is just for fun, and the company is so easy and delightful.
  6. I hated being shipped to wealthier neighborhoods to beg for candy on Halloween. The only time it felt okay was when we went to the mall and the stores handed out candy. I have never had any problem taking money from corporations. But, Halloween was great this year because for the first time in forever, I was not awakened by the drunken kids and adults out on the street or in the unit above me. Secret to my success: Ear plugs, one sound machine, two phones with sound machine apps, eye mask, and melatonin. (Urban living is fun. Urban living is fun. Urban living is fun…)
  7. Trip planning: Patagonia? Costa Rica? Moorea? Iceland? Rail journey across Europe? All different. The one thing they have in common: I always manage to fall in love with the most expensive accommodations and activities (ones I cannot afford). It’s a real affliction. Our requirements: beautiful, delicious, adventurous, and gay friendly. That last one narrows down a lot of places. Bummmmmmer.
  8. Big life event planning is A++. I’m banging shit out like a pro. This horoscope lady on the internet said November will be an awesome month for those born under my sign. Cheers to that (even if it’s bollocks. I’ll take it).
  9. And, the biggest highlight of all this week… OHMYGOD, The Great British Baking Show! Where have you been all my life?


  1. Flash fiction rejection that I predicted last week came this week. It’s cool, it’s cool, it’s cool.

Image credit: “Halloween Photos – Larry Racioppo_30”
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