Books read and abandoned, Johnny Cash, $75 for sanity, fried dough

Back when I worked in a cube farm, I had to pull together weekly status updates for 1x1s with my manager. Once I got through my list (two minutes, tops), we could spend the rest of the hour talking about his troubled love life. The habit stuck with me–status updates, that is. I believe his love life is on track.

Now that I’m not in a cubicle, I keep a running to do list. The natural accompaniment is my weekly status update featuring the highlights and the lowlights (this was a company term that I still use regularly when inquiring about friends’ trips to countries or new restaurants).



  1. Finished Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. Holy crap. What a great book. A half-assed review will follow (half-assed because I have never written a review but I’m going to give it a whirl).
  2. Began reading Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng. 25% to go. Half-assed review will follow. But in the interim, read my friend’s fantastic interview with Celeste at Dead Darlings.
  3. Wrote a post about how querying agents is like a literary, protracted version of The Voice. For what it’s worth, I would pick Pharrell if given the opportunity.
  4. My friends gave me links, and I compiled them into a post with a picture of Sarah Paulson eating a sandwich.
  5. Ditched Novel 2 in favor of Novel 3. Sometimes, quitting something is the best solution. I’ll get back to the South and characters under 25 eventually. I love them both. We’re just on a break.
  6. Figured out that $75 < fretting about shit I can’t control.



  1. I asked my friend to bake and deliver buttermilk biscuits to me. She did not. But she sent me this cool card in the mail with a stamp of Johnny Cash. Almost makes up for the biscuits. Almost.
  2. Attempted to find Fried Dough at two street festivals. No fried dough! Such a waste of a street festival. But bonus highlight: Enjoyed the last summer splurge in Boston with my gf + friends + a glass of sangria discussing whether or not we’ll allow horses and/or people with children on our future shared acreage farm. Jury’s out on both. Horses are cool but we all know people who have been injured. Kids are not really our thing, but they could maybe fetch us things when we’re drinking on the porch.