It’s Not Hot

Me: It’s gonna be hot when we’re in town, so could you–

Dad: Girl, it’s cold here. Real cold.

Me: I get that. But it’s going to be hot.

Dad: I’m not hot.

Stepmom: (in background) It’s not hot.

Dad: It’s cold! I’m heating up some chili for dinner.

Stepmom: (in background) It is not cold.

Me: I know, but I’m saying, it’s going to be hot, so–

Dad: It is?

Me: Yeah, I’m looking at the forecast for your town right now. So–

Dad: Oh, okay. I’m eating chili.

Stepmom: (in background) It’s not hot.

Me: I said it will be hot when we are there. Will be. So–

Stepmom: (in background) My weather thing doesn’t say that.

Dad: (to Stepmom) What are you looking at?

Stepmom: (garbled)

Dad: We’ll save you some chili leftovers. You can eat that for supper one night.

Me: No, it’ll be hot… Dad, I don’t want the chili. What I’m saying is make sure the–

Dad: Do you like chilies? I got a chili plant and…

It doesn’t even matter what the original question was.

Image credit: “no longer do i make you cool”
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License by David Kent