Quick and Dirty Update from the Writing Retreat


  • The best writing I did during the writing retreat this weekend was a series of 20+ emails with my friend regarding an opening scene of her novel (we could have sat across from each other in the breakfast room to discuss this if we weren’t so lazy and anti-social, alas…). Hilarity ensued and our back-and-forth exchange lifted me out of a funk (writing is writing is writing). I’ve read both of her fantasy novels and several of her short stories and essays. All are fantastic. We have a “walk and plot” on the calendar soon. I love hearing about her progress and discussing details about a genre I know nothing about — all while burning calories. Jane Fonda would approve. My friend’s writing is gorgeous. And, well, I created fan art for one of her characters in that first novel by Photoshopping John Snow’s head onto the body of Pygar from Barbarella. If you don’t know what that means, I feel sorry for you. But if that image excites you, you will likely go apeshit over her novels (like me).
  • The cafe down the road makes an egg and cheese sandwich (plus sausage, if you’re me) on homemade cheese bread. PRAISE THE LORD.
  • Wine.


  • Paris and Beirut and Kenya and Syria and on and on and on. It’s a sad, mad world.
  • Redacted.
  • Redacted.
  • Redacted.