Roller Skating with Rob Lowe

I’ve been remiss these past couple of weeks. This is what happens when November creeps up on you.


  1. My girlfriend and I celebrated our anniversary at Shake Shack. If you don’t understand why that’s awesome, get off my blog. (Just kidding. You can stay.)
  2. I had a dream that I roller-skated in a mall with Rob Lowe. He wanted to be my boyfriend. My girlfriend shrugged and said, “It’s Rob Lowe.” It was LITERALLY the best dream ever.
  3. Sons of Anarchy finally got good this season when Abel said that thing he said. If you watch the show, you know. As I’ve mentioned before, the show often goes off the rails, and I could do without the incessant porn and hooker stuff. But the primary problem has been believability. With all that Gemma has done, I find it dubious that Jax would just believe her story about who killed Tara without doing some due diligence. The threads feel sloppy. And it has pushed Jax from being an interesting character with shades of good and bad into straight-up goon. He’s so unlikable right now — and not just because he’s a bad guy. He’s not an interesting bad guy anymore.
  4. Went to see a movie in the middle of the day and ate at Chacarero for dinner. Mmmm. Chilean sandwiches. If you live in or near Boston and have not discovered Chacarero, I feel sad for you. The movie was pretty good. Interstellar. Lots of head scratchers (not the good kind). But we went into it realizing that and considering it a big dumb movie. So we had fun. But seriously, why send Anne Hathaway and her stupid slow human legs to retrieve something when you’ve got the fast spinny robot who is way smarter? And how could they not see that giant wave and think, THE FU–? I’M OUT.


  1. The pilates workout in P90X3 can kiss my ass. I plan to review the first month. Spoiler: Pilates is the worst.
  2. The effects of Daylight Savings Time are ongoing. Most egregious of all, my cats are certain that I am withholding their dinner. They refuse to listen to reason or learn how to tell time.
  3. The work in progress suffered last week. I’m trying to catch up this week, but it’s really no big deal. I don’t have a hard deadline and am past the halfway point in terms of a word count goal. I just like to be consistent and hate to open Scrivener and think, “What was I talking about?”
  4. I’m entering the last season of Fringe, and the glow is wearing off. They had four solid, excellent seasons, so I can’t be mad. This season, there are just too many head scratchers and hard-to-believe-thats. For example, the Observers’ technology is supreme and they can wipe out the world. But they don’t. And they have trouble capturing a bunch of fugitives… whose names they know… and whose favorite hangout spots are (the lab)… Oooookay.

Genuine roller-skates
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