Thoughts on the latest episode of The Walking Dead (11.16.14)

Carol and Daryl sitting in a tree…

  1. No. [Slaps the hands of the shippers with a ruler.] Not every interesting male + female pairing needs to be shipped, people. We already have a great couple on this show. Ahem, please stand up Glenn & Maggie. Okay, that’s really it. So I get it. People like the romance. But, similar to my love for the sibling pair of Tyreese and Sasha, I love that Carol and Daryl are such good friends. It’s nice to see that on TV without the whole “will they do it?” question lingering in the air. Their friendship is a beautiful thing.
  2. That said, I was not blown away by this episode. Beth’s allure remains a mystery to me, so I can’t get behind anyone going out of their way to rescue her.
  3. However, I love getting back to the grit of the city vs. the woods. FUN. All those buildings are full of zombies who need to be clobbered and put down. And once again, I was reminded of the mall scene from Night of the Comet. Please, producers, please let Carol and Daryl go to the mall together and try on new clothes and dance to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” At the very least, I enjoyed the momentary peace of the calm and clean office space. I would have spent much more time there than running after Beth. Beth ruins everything (right after Rick).
  4. I did expect to see a much large herd of zombies in the city streets. Wherefore art thou, zombie herd?
  5. Oh, Baby Chris Rock. You’re such a mess. Still, I’m glad that Daryl didn’t leave him to become zombie lunch. He might infuse some fun into this Atlanta storyline.
  6. Obviously, you’re going to rescue Carol.
  7. Looks like we’re back at the church next week. With Rick. Bummer. But maybe Michonne’s presence will make up for it. And (I can’t believe I’m saying this), I think that I’m beginning to like Carl. Don’t hold me to it. He could annoy me next week.
  8. Follow-up on the UTIs in the apocalypse question: I asked a medical professional. He said, “If it is left untreated, they can get sepsis which, if left untreated, can kill anyone. Also depends on the organism. Gram negative bacteria will kill your ass quicker than gram positive. And yes, the more immunosuppressed you are (babies, old folks, cancer peeps), the worse it is, i.e. will kill your ass quicker.” Then, we got into a discussion about whether or not it would be worse to be killed by a UTI or a zombie. He votes for the latter, I vote for the former.

Two more episodes left in 2014, according to the promos. I have to say, I’m not hopeful that it’s going to be a blast. Because Beth. I can only hope that her fate will be sealed in Sophia fashion. Then, she will be redeemed. #sorrynotsorry.