Thoughts on the latest episode of The Walking Dead (10.26.14)

  1. Okay, okay. Last week, I had suspected that Bob had been bitten and that’s why he went outside to sob. I didn’t want to believe it because I am still upset about how he got offed on The Wire. But still! Don’t go outside to cry during a zombie apocalypse. People. It’s just not smart. Fare thee well, Bob/D’Angelo.
  2. I’m with Abraham Ford (great last name) on this one, guys. I would be on that bus to DC instead of redneck zombie backwoods ‘merica. Safety and strength in numbers. Have you learned nothing?
  3. Rick is awfully bossy. I’m glad that Glenn piped up and was all, “it’s not your decision whether or not we go to DC, Rick!” Yeah. That’s right.
  4. Judith remains the weakest link. If you’re going to keep a baby around during the apocalypse, I feel strongly that you should also have a gag or some chloroform handy. However, it does send my brain into a research-this spiral: During the olden times, when people were on the prowl or were prey, what did they do to make the babies quiet? Did those families get spun out of evolution? Or did the babies just not cry?
  5. Michonne has her sword back. Let’s cut off some heads!
  6. Mullet Boy gave me the biggest chuckle of the night when Abraham told him to go, and he was all, No! And then, meekly: Okay.
  7. I love the brother/sister moments between Sasha and Tyreese/Cutty (The Wire, duh). Shows are so much more compelling when they feature different dynamics than Will They or Won’t They romantic blahs.
  8. The Terminus cannibal plot line moved forward at a good clip. I hope they keep it up with the whole “where’s Beth?” storyline. I remain uninterested in Beth as a character and a plot line. A lot of this stems from her Debbie Downer days at the farm and playing a piano and singing loudly (with SO many candles lit) during the last house in which we saw her. Again: silence and darkness is golden during a zombie apocalypse. But mostly, I dread another Season 2, where our friends end up searching high and low for what’s her face. Though that ending really worked and kept me from leaving the show. But they came close with that sluggish pacing. Stagnant locations = stagnant storylines.
  9. Still waiting for my Night of the Comet mall scene homage. They could all use some new clothing. And how fun would that be? Imagine Daryl and Carol dancing to a poorly sung cover of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” while they try on new clothing from Hot Topic. You know Rick would head to JCPenney or something. God, he’s such a hero dude. Lighten up.
  10. Tampons during the apocalypse. This is something I think about a lot. So I finally googled it and found this AMAZING post.
I’m sure I’ve forgotten something. But these are just thoughts. I’m not a professional or anything.