Daylight Savings Blah

I cannot get out of the Daylight Savings Slump. Everything is on a 3-4 day delay this week. I barely remember anything that happened last week.


  1. Decided to abandon the comp books in favor of The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters. Great decision. Page one hooked me. I’m digging it. It’s one of those books to slow-read and indulge.
  2. Still binge-watching Fringe. The bridge was just shut down and the universes parted ways. Cry cry cry. The feelings.
  3. Work in progress: moving along. Research topics continue in their ridiculousness: cancer, cosplay, comic conventions, Vietnamese refugee experience, Caribbean hurricane paths, Versailles ball gowns and lost at sea stories. I’m pouring it all in the cauldron. We’ll see what happens.
  4. The new Taylor Swift album is pure ear candy. Super edible.


  1. Daylight Savings Time slump in full effect.
  2. Somehow, I managed to pull a muscle I didn’t know existed. But I still love my P90X3 workout.


Abandoned School Clock
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